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Beispiele zu den beliebtesten Themen

Topic: Health-Based Interventions for Reducing Teen Pregnancy in Osceola County

Preview: In 2015, Osceola County reported 41 teenage births, compared to 36 births in Florida and the average reported rate of 20 births per 1,000 adolescent girls in the United States. Over the years, similarly, Osceola has consistently reported about a 100% higher frequency in the number of teenage births compared to the national average. The health-based intervention programs that the Florida state has instituted to tackle the high rates of teenage pregnancies include comprehensive sex education; encouraging responsible sexual behavior, such as abstinence techniques and use of contraceptives; and youth development.

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Topic: The Fight Against International Terrorism: What Is The Role Of The UN, And How Has It Changed After 9/11?

Preview: The September 11, 2011 (9/11) terror attacks in New York marked a watershed in the global counterterrorism efforts. Before 9/11, neither a comprehensive framework nor a unifying approach existed through which the majority of the world’s nations could corporate to fight terrorism of a scale similar to the 9/11 attacks. Even so, there existed concerns at the UN level in the years preceding 9/11 on how to deal with global terrorism.

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Topic: Scientifically Speaking, There is no Such Thing as Race

Preview: One of the greatest errors of early science was the claim that the human species (Homo sapiens) was comprised of numerous other subspecies: races. Essentially, early science considered race as a valid construct. Recent advancements in the genome field, however, have left biologists with no option but to admit that there is actually no such thing as race. Yet the race debate continues to rage on unabated since racial supremacists feel betrayed by the last bastion of rational justification they had always relied on. Nonetheless, the fact remains that “there are no neutral conceptualizations of race in science, nor have any of the definitions ever satisfactorily fully explained the phenomenon of race” (Smedley and Smedley 19).

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Topic: Practitioner Research Report: Design, Implementation and Review of a Curriculum Investigation

Preview: In my practice as a teacher in Black Rock Primary School, I was involved with the design, implementation and review of a curriculum investigation. As a result, this report indicates my thinking, planning, implementation, reflection and evaluation of the curriculum investigation. In my area of practice, I am obliged to observe the Australian curriculum for the learning standards in the State of Victoria – that is, AusVELS (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2014a).

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Topic: How can visual culture be used to advance social or environmental change?

Preview: Visual culture has traditionally espoused the collective values, beliefs, and desires of society. Essentially, it played a crucial role in transformative periods of history. In the World War II, for instance, visual propaganda and photography were responsible for influencing political awareness in the UK (Rennie, 2008). Likewise, visual culture informs 21st century citizens of prevailing challenges and sensitises them to the available courses of action.

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Topic: Policy Analysis: Secure Fence Act of 2006

Preview: Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Proin vitae posuere sem. Nulla sit amet hendrerit arcu. Morbi vehicula diam nec lacus consequat, nec efficitur nibh facilisis. Duis ut dolor ullamcorper, aliquet felis quis, imperdiet nisi.

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